Capitalism and Control

Whoever controls most people and their opinions is most powerful. -Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince

All rewards and penalties are ultimately psychological. Whenever one feels those positive neurochemicals, one associates every current environmental perception with happiness and when one feels negative neurochemicals, one associates every current environmental perception with pain. In Yoga Sutra by Patanjali, there are 2 sutras:

Sukhaanushayi raagaha
Dukhaanushayi dveshaha

They point to the same thing. The latter is older. The words happiness, pain or sukh, dukh fail to capture the complexity as they are secondary and the physical phenomenon is primary.

Controlling things is much easier than controlling people. It's even ethical to directly control things, and not people. By controlling people, one doesn't mean to control all the time but when needed. eg. An employer controls an employee more or less for 8 hours.

When gold was found to not perish over time, it was used as a means of exchange and formed a currency. A currency is in essence a non-perishable good which is accepted by a majority of people. The core of the currency's value lies in it's acceptance. Every valuable (in the minds of other people) non-perishable good which can be stored is superior to perishable good as uncertainty of the person with whom the deal is supposed to happen is absent. One can always shift the deal to later times. For equality, each popular non-perishable good has to be more or less not concentrated in few hands. This in essence is capitalism, controlling things to exchange with control of people. That's it.

With people, control comes with counter control (Beyond Freedom and Dignity by B.F.Skinner). eg. An employee can pretend that work is too much and can delay it even if it isn't much.


When a good is pumped(manufactured more) into the system, supply goes up thus prices go down. That is erroneous. Prices can also go up if the people perceive that supply hasn't increased keeping everything else same. It has been amply demonstrated by Daniel Kahnemaan and Richard Thaler with behavioral finance. It is the information around people that they perceive that differentiates things. Rational agent theory which assumes people have all information and maximize their utility is considered extremely wrong in the discipline of psychology. Mobiles, computers, and such devices, which can process information thus if controlled by few people would result in massive power difference.

Now, with advent of bioweapons, powerful people aren't quite satisfied with this, they want to get into your brain directly and process your language. Who is 'THEY'? They are the people who use these weapons and if you find that out, it may be harmful for them so they'll always stay hidden. Maybe you think about terrorism and it's too late by then, right! If you update your language, now comes neural networks and computer vision which identifies the image that you see. It can't get any more ugly. All business ventures have secrets and with a biological backdoor, one would be unable to physically keep a secret. So you can never run even a small business because it can be replicated and in competition the providers of goods/service fail to earn profits. With biological backdooring, incentivizing or disincentivizing a person to do or prevent a crime without it being possible to be detected totally breaks the concept of law.

In nature, whichever species generates co-dependence survives as groups. Cow survives as it gives us milk. In turn, the cow gets easy food access and protection from wild animals at cost of freedom.

Biological backdooring works in such a fashion, sensors in bodies in form of microbiological sensors would collect signals, transmit EM waves to WiFi, it would send the signal, process data with computational neuroscience and convert it to humanly readable charts or pictures or streaming. We must take back control by breaking the above chain with Faraday Cages, controlling router hardware and OSes completely, disabling wireless connections by using copper cables/wired connections, monitoring computational neuroscience learnt people, making a strong example out of people who manufacture/invent biological backdoors specific to human body, expressing extremely painful content which the exploiter cannot forget if one is biologically backdoored. Such is the ideal system.

With law failing towards destruction of evidence, people are inventing ways to bypass it altogether and make it impossible to detect evidence making it impossible to earn a living. Such pattern will only be stopped at source.

"4th generation warfare will be a warfare against an invisible enemy and in the war against the invisible enemy, the man who'll win will be the man who can see the invisible enemy." - Ajit Doval, India First Leadership Talk Series, 2019.

Let us make sure that atleast the person who we think is the enemy is really our enemy rather than people who are present around us during the times when our body itself is giving us pain, or with powerful people who have associated every positive thing with every negative thing and they think someone is the enemy. But well, with such biowarfare, creation of information itself is backdoored, and the person responsible for their own thoughts is no more responsible or he maybe.

Sagar Acharya
1st November 2022