The Age of ElectroMedical Weapons

Any law is written in a language. When language breaks down due to different meanings attached to each word, the law breaks down. Laws are supposed to be followable and they define morality, which improves living conditions in society. If a statute is immoral, it is better to not follow it and be moral and if it is unfollowable, it is the biggest injustice.

Laws are not enforced in vaccuum. - Arnab Goswami.

When different symbols are attached to same word, the public fails to recognize the offense strictly in law. A person with good reputation who harms while being hidden escapes unnoticed and a person with bad reputation is assumed to have committed the offense. In Hindutva, a brahman teaches the knowledge texts which are constantly updated with recent needed changes. He constantly lives truthfully and strives for a non-materialistic and happy life. Vedas are supposed to be living texts taught by Brahmans who update meaning of word with prevalent usage. Artha is not material today but meaning.

Electro Magnetic waves with speeds of 1GHz or more, they work 10000000x the speed of our brains, a single device. Nanotechnology enables such devices to be fabricated at nanoscale smaller than what our visible eye can see. The faster the speed, the smaller the device, that is what physics says. IN ORDER TO HELP BRAIN PATIENTS, Brain Computer Interfaces have been invented which can in real time communicate signals straight to our brains. Everything emerges from the brain, be it subtle or intense.

Paul Ekman decodes that each human emotion can be categorised into happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, fear, contempt, surprise. The emotional part of the brain, amygdala is an older biological part which is core to our brain. Each emotion has an evolutionary basis for it to survive. Anger, for example, energizes a male who feels threatened to kill another male. When in 1000 days, 10 mins of anger are sufficient for a male to kill another male. Through these emotions, we learn different things through thinking. Emotions cause thinking, and thinking helps understand the environment for us to survive. Thus, we have to learn that if our emotions are converted to things unnecessary for survival, or against our survival, we will not survive. Happiness is not watching more videos, it is meant for meeting more people and having intimate conversations with them for having relations. Using Pavlovian association on which our brains work, one can associate happiness with videos but not real people which is extremely detrimental to us.

BCIs work for only the fabricator of the device. Their central work is to increase stature of the creator while harming the user, better called as victim. Today, BCI companies have learnt how to get so subtle as to the user cannot differentiate between their own emotion and externally created emotion. Each action is prone to have been committed by the BCI owner, which cannot be confirmed strictly.

As "Data is the new oil.", with programs like LifeLog, data, better known as secrets, harvesting companies, distribute disgusting secrets of user when the user does not comply with their agenda. We must remind them of Section 122 and 123 in Indian Penal Code, those who harm the society by default.

It is imperative that we remove all conflicts of interest for having a fair play and move towards a Surveillance Free Zone (SFZ). SFZs, will have absolutely no wireless communication throughout their campuses. The only devices would be wired and it would be illegal to own any trasmitter or receivers on anyone. The maintainer of SFZ would have receivers everywhere and they'd detect breaches in any such EMW offenses. Such a thing is not optional but absolutely imperative for anyone to make any progress.

With digital money, which is not money, AI creates fake value which looks like real value and steals digital money from people who want to work honestly. With digital money, only the ones who hold the servers are going to earn money, or the ones connected to them. You are at their mercy to earn money and if you don't comply, they'd use that very money to harm you or reduce your money earnings.

Currency is primarily a means of exchange. If you accept or transact in it, it is currency. Exchanging digital money with silver and gold is not enough, we must think in terms of silver and gold. Hallmark should be our Central Bank. We must say digital money is a bunch of bullshit and purely immoral.

Think in silver, think in gold, think without EMW on SFZ and till then, adios, dumb device using smart person!

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