1. DesignMan
  2. DesignMan is about manufacturing product which solve your problem locally, and distributing the rewards in a fair manner.

  3. Swarajya
  4. A stateless secure computer to message securely (military grade security).

  5. DesignMan Green
  6. We build supply chains for DesignMan where we want to use materials which are most eco-friendly. We also offer you, my dear sir/madam, the opportunity to buy eco-friendly raw materials. We prefer materials which take least amount of time to merge back in nature.

  7. Funds++
  8. My Investment Portfolio. I follow value investing inspired by Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett and Sanjay Bakshi's investment style. I have cleared CFA L1 examination and am investing in Indian Stock Market for the last 5 years though I have started plotting my returns relative to relevant benchmarks since July 2021 as seen in link above. For investing in Funds++, please mail me your questions along with the amount you want to invest. I invest in any stock in which I think the risk is relatively low, growth and returns are high, be it SMALL, MID or LARGE CAP. My portfolio on average lies in MID CAP. I charge 1.5% per year of invested amount + 10% of profits above NIFTY MIDCAP 50 returns. I highly recommend that you invest your money atleast for a year as value investing takes time to generate returns. FAQs coming soon...

  10. A GNU AGPLv3 licensed libre captcha to make life more difficult for bots and easier for humans.

  11. Hyperbola OS Packages
  12. PKGBUILD scripts for Hyperbola OS.

  13. HyperTorify
  14. A fork of ArchTorify to enable Hyperbola OS to communicate to the world computer networks completely through Tor.