The Power of Human Groups

Evolution explains the world much better than any virtues, laws, teachings, or goodness. Everything is a possibility in evolution. Laws too are a subset of evolutionary rules. So are languages which provide positive and negative words and frames for each actions. So are metaphors which have a certain positive or negative effect on your thinking.

Most species of this world spend their lives just in search of food and since it is scarce, they have to also focus on saving energy. There are multiple species fighting over their survival inputs.

Even in human interactions, evolution can explain everything. Although, due to human recognition of their brain abilities, consciousness and other abilities of shaping the things around them to their advantage, the fight is immensely more fierce.

In Rig Veda, the supreme God is Indra. Even in ancient times, the main 5 elements were regarded as air, water, fire, earth and skies. These are not to be seen as basic elements of chemistry but needs for survival with skies having the element of unknown of gods.
Until a person has abundant air, he's not to think of water, since he'll be dead within a few minutes. Until a person has abundant water, he's not to think of food. Same thing goes for food when compared to today's societal needs of clothing, shelter, etc. followed by a need for sex. Without sex to procreate, one's genes don't propogate to the next generation.

Air > Water > Food > Clothing > Shelter > ...

All humans have ruled and survived in groups and now it's even more so. Groups are power. The standard rule is whoever leaves a group dies. Multi-national business firms, government, and religious institutions in today's parlance are some of the most powerful surviving groups. A group always has some implicit or explicit rules, an order if there are many people within it since in horizontal groups everyone would try to take a lead and fight amongst themselves. Groups also in order to preserve their power divide other groups. Divide and rule is a very old tactic mentioned in Kautilya Arthashastra too!

The game is very simple, stay close, prevent corruption of a group by being modular and cutting the unnecessary and adding as many useful people in group as possible. In big groups, a leader always has incentives and disincentives for their subordinates, which would certainly be in one of the forms above of air, water, food, clothing, shelter, sex. In my essay of control and capitalism, I also emphasize the ability to swap the above with longer preservation things like gold. This works only as long as one has the ability to swap gold for the luxuries. Naturally, richest persons are most powerful!

But, evolution doesn't stop at that. With lack of food, a specie dies. When a specie lacks survival resources, it has to snatch it from other specie, there is no other option. Species do kill each other over food, to balance the advantages. Thus, we have police and militaries of countries, which own technologies which can kill.

Increasingly, wars are becoming cost ineffective to achieve one's political objectives. - Ajit Doval

Wars naturally are going to be fought within countries, squeezing small advantages of things from each and every person or small group. Patterns of gigantic platform e-commerce companies stealing the businesses from small businessmen are already famous. Some companies detect sales, create alternatives of them and prioritize their own products. Pretty unjust, huh. Well, through evolutionary lens, you allowed them information of your simple product and your clients, why do they need you?

If we do not join any group, a court case by a business firm destroys us. There are special provisions under statutes that treat institutions different from people even though all institutes are groups of people. All work of an institution is made under the name of the institution and there are ample resources and lawyer salary power with an institute. An individual fighting with an institute is bound to lose. But if the institute loses, they just remove the guilty person and claim no knowledge. Some institutes are indeed gigantic and leaders cannot know everything. Surprisingly, today there are even bailouts by institutions to other institutions if they fail, like restructuring of bank. So if a poor person dies, well, they were incapable of earning a living, but if institutions fail, we don't close that institution all the way but infuse money! A group is too big to fail because it's a famous group.

It might sound evil and absolutely unjust but here, I want to take you, my dear reader, from justice to evolution. Think about the above pattern through evolutionary lens. That person was not in a group! Had they been even in a group of 100 which did nothing but had an unemployed lawyer, 100 people have quite some voting power and the lawyer can fight for free.

There are multiple ways to improve survival. Join a group and climb the ladder. Form a group and accumulate things by either taking it from other groups, human or nature. All current existing groups would have incentives in not letting other groups prosper since it would degrade their own power.

To destroy or harm any other group, one first has to know that a group exists and it's various actions! Here comes the value of information. Information always travels through space around us. In our times, typically it travels through 2 waves, light and sound. If we were to talk in strict terms of physics, electromagnetic waves which are alternating electric and magnetic fields or mechanical waves, which are a bunch of vibrations of medium like air. Their respective speeds are 30,00,00,000 and 331 meters per second. With sensors and transceivers available for cheap and nanotechnology developments, power of semiconductor companies, of backdooring and knowing everything by default at sizes and speeds which you're unable to perceive. Traditionally, it used to travel through traitor people around our ancestors.

Since knowing is a pre-requisite to harming, all harming groups have an incentive to say they don't know anything. To fight such people, you ought to notice thier net asset value and their spending. If they're indeed dumb, they won't accumulate such amounts of material. Rich people claiming they're without knowledge of events are harming you all the time. Each word that you listen is a subtle attack from their end.

Groups, have advantages because a member of a group can specialize in a domain. However, such a member can only help if they're given the above incentives of air, water, food, clothing, etc. Thus without gold exchangable for these, mere psychological division makes the group fail. If it is known that a group exists, only then if we're to target things can it's inputs and outputs can be known. To a human, it will be known through Indra ultimately, which literally means senses in Hindi. That group's positive inputs are to be lowered, negative inputs to be increased. Alternatively, targeting members of the group are to be separated from the group so that it's absolute strength decreases. Any person who divides you from groups which benefit you in any form is harming you.

If a group fails to accumulate artha, or material, it fails. Thus if there are 1000 easily reachable groups (advertisement) which provide the same goods or service which you provide, you'll definitely not be paid healthy profits for the goods or services but just a bit above the production amount which is your survival amount.

Power is the ability to control and manipulate most amount of survival resources and wants to humans.

Let us all play the game of survival in groups focusing on right language, frames of describing events and law fight resources on an equal footing. If someone is denying you the right to food, or decreasing your ability to earn food, it is equivalent to murder. You are to play on that footing of taking food from them. Not the most powerful person on this earth or all of them combined can manipulate 1 rule of evolution!

Dharma > Artha > Kama

Sagar Acharya
26th April 2023

Note: The above article is not targeted at any individual. All content is literal and no metaphors are to be drawn.