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No business can ever thrive without secrets. To steal secrets from one's body physically or home means to deny an independent entity to live.


At Dumb Devices, we cater only to the smartest people. We as a company work to enable you achieve complete ownership of things around you. Our aim is to provide secure home environment to every human.

Recently launched:

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Self Dost

A decent physical server for hosting through your home.

Libre Ads

Privacy respecting advertisements for a self-surviving self host!

Free Mail / XMPP

A truely secure and non-tracking free messaging and email service hosted in your favorite city, aamchi Mumbai!


A DNS server hosted for the smartest people on the dumbest devices. Charges per month for 10 entries: Rs.100


Your body and your home are some of the most important things to make you secure. These 2 entities must be completely within your control and without it, in this all pervasive electromagnetic and sound waves, recent advances in biological attacks on humans have become a grave concern. We approve, design and manufacture everyday use products which empower you to completely be in control.

The best aspect about things is that you can completely control them. Any smart thing whose smartness you do not fully understand is smart against you.

Either the program controls the user (completely) or the user controls the program. -Richard Stallman
When you hear smart, think spy. -RMS


Dumb Devices is a group of people and is an open system. Any person can walk in or out based on their work and rewards are distributed according to their contribution. The important thing is your work. There is no compromise or tolerance around it.

We welcome you, dear user, to Dumb Devices. Vaakahi, ye company humaari hai. Let us all create small incrementally secure and minimal things.

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Sagar Acharya

Shop No. 8/1-B, Deep Darshan, Next to Jain Temple, Jamli Gully, Borivali West, Mumbai - 400092


XMPP - sagaracharya@dumbdevices.in