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Hello, I'm Sagar Acharya. I believe that causes have effects. I like to dream realistic things and become the cause of the effects I'd like to see in this world. I work towards a world where every person would have a secure computer, i.e. where an adversary would find it very difficult to have access to secrets that the user doesn't want him to have. I do it because making others secure would make me secure too.

At my former startup DesignMan, my primary aim was to make access of rewarding work available to skilled people instead of 'experienced' people. If you believe that you are skilled, abhi bhi gaadi chhooti nahi, aa jao Humaara Artha pe, saath aage badhenge.

I envision a world where people who really work are rewarded instead of the ones who show that they work. I also envision a world where humans giving back each and every material to environment which the environment can use and return back to humans in a small time frame unlike plastics which the nature cannot use for a million years. This will take us down.

If you'd like to join in one of my above quests, hit me at my contact below. A long journey begins with a single step.

Note: I have no alter ego and will never have one. I go by the name Sagar Acharya always at every point of my life. The only video of me online is that of LibrePlanet talk on Dumb Devices and some more content on PixelFed.
sagaracharya at dumbdevices dot in