My topics include everything that is real. I'm unbounded by categorization of reality into various disciplines. Theory and practice meld into each other here.

The Age of ElectroMedical Weapons

15th June 2024

How Brain Computer Interfaces render our brains useless.

Power of Human Groups

26th April 2023

How we should think about survival rather than justice for success.

LibrePlanet Talk 2021

14th March 2023

My talk in LibrePlanet 2021 which was deliberately deleted by the organizers.

The Right Distribution of Money

31st January, 2023

How paper money and banking are making a hamster out of us all.

Preserving Purity of Language

27th December, 2022

How symbolic implications and assumptions give unwanted meaning to normal statements.

Capitalism and Control

1st Nov, 2022

How capitalism works and how imbalance of control possibilities can be corrected.

A Design of Law - I

10th Oct, 2022

A simple design to implement fair law.

लङाई में सहायता

२६ जन्वरी २०२२

Bharat ke liye yogdaan.

Problem of Humankind-Nature Balance

1st Jan, 2022

An analysis of complete imbalance of humankind and environment (everything except humans) and some paths to restore them.

Choosing a Problem

11th Dec, 2021

How solutions to the problems that we solve change relative efforts of society and recognizing our effects on the world.

Ethics and Way to Live

25th Oct, 2021

An analysis of ethical actions and intentions compatible with rules of survival of the world.

Pretending Computer Security

6th Aug, 2021

A how-to for making a user believe that your software is secure, while overpowering him completely.

Perfect Computer Security

11th March, 2021

How can we be absolutely sure that no one is listening to our transmitted messages (military level security).

Choosing freedom with FOSS stack

24th Oct, 2020

A set of tools to shift from surveillance technologies set up to "protect" you to owning yourself.